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AVG Anti-Virus 2011

Rating: 9.7

Genre: Virus Protection
Written by: Joe Urso


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Is your PC jammed up with lots of viruses? Is your current Anti-Virus software not doing any good for you? Well we here at Legendary Reviews we have a solution for you. AVG is probably the greatest software I’ve come across for viruses. Read the rest of this review to get the details, and see if you, yes you, can protect your PC or Mac.

Everyone hates to look at a program like it’s made for Windows 98 right? Well AVG has a very slick and modern day design. The buttons light when you go over them, curved edges, and navigation is simple to all which is a great help. There are 4 main categories on the application and they consist of the following: Overview, Scan now, Scan options, and Update now. On the overview category you get security components, and status overview. I’m sure we can all tell what "Scan Now" does, and we’ll get into Scan options later as well as Update now. Overall AVG created a fantastic design of looks and navigation, and pulled out a perfect 10.
Score: 10

Compatibility is always a must for users, and can mean a lot when picking out an application or game. Well I’ll tell you one thing, AVG has great compatibility. It works with both OS (Windows and Macintosh), and always runs great. I run my PC on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit system, and I have no problems at all. My partner runs on the same system and can tell you the same. Now you won’t need a good processor to run this beauty so AVG made this program for every PC or Mac. AVG did the greatest compatibility I’ve ever seen on an Anti-Virus application, but their Windows gadget is a big glitch, so I have to give them a 9.
Score: 9

Now for probably the most important part of an app, the features it enables. AVG gives you a wide variety of options for scanning, which is great. It allows you to pick just what parts of your computer you want scanned, this way you don’t have to waste your time scanning everything. It enables you to get updates, which is a great feature to stay in the game. Its Windows gadget is nice to have and enables an instant Scan now button, but it has a few glitches like I said earlier. The virus protection is excellent and better than things recommended like McAfee. AVG actually stops you from traveling to a website that has a known virus on that page! Of course you can disobey AVG and go in anyway, but don’t com crying to AVG when you have a major virus and AVG has to clear it. The app also stops you from installing programs or other downloaded apps that have a virus on them. As well as letting you scan that one item to check if there’s a virus on it. AVG is ideal for every PC or Mac, so get yours today! Overall AVG managed to rack up all 10 on this one.
Score: 10

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