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Battlefield 3

Rating: 9.3

Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC, PS3, and Xbox 360
Written by: Joe Urso




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This is EA’s latest installment of their Battlefield series, Battlefield 3. This game is now reknown for its graphical content being extreme. The game was released for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC. The game takes place in modern day Iran during a war for nuclear weaponry that may pose a threat to Europe and America. Is this game for you?

Single Player: Battlefield 3’s single player campaign takes place in Modern day Iran, after an American invasion of the country in search of nuclear weapons that pose a threat to Europe and America. You play the role of Sgt. Blackburn, in a Marine squad on several missions across Iran fighting Iranians, and eventually Russians for American security. The story line is relatively simple and easy to understand which is great for most players. Though the story is really fun and gets you used to the multiplayer so you can jump right into the multiplayer action! You must be very tacticle in this game, which differs from the other direct competitor, the Call of Duty series, which is more fast paced action. The skill levels for each series are very different which can take some time getting used to if you are used to either one. Either way, Battlefield 3’s single player gains only 8 points for this section, the graphics are nice, the cutscenes are intense, but he plot is simply too simple and could have used more dedication.
Score: 8

Multiplayer: Now this section is what some players may say is the most important part of the game, as some players often skip the campaign and save it for a “boring” day. The multiplayer of Battlefield 3 has brought on the impression of real warfare to me. All you’re hearing running around the streets is distant gunshots and the movement of tanks. The environmental destruction is very well done as well. One moment the map will look complete, buy the end of the round the map will be filled with rubble and destroyed buildings. Though with this “real” warfare feeling comes responsibility of real combat. Which Means true teamwork, taking cover and holding defensive positions against the enemy. This is not one of the games where you can just run around charging at other guns blazing and expect to receive a good kill death ratio. The game’s creating of weaponry kits are for the most part the same as Battlefield 2, randomly chosen character, and you customize kits and add-ons. A new feature is the fact that you can now choose camoflouge for your soldier, which is a neat feature. Overall I will give the multiplayer a great rating of 10 for 10, due to the amazing realism the engine has created, and the reliable servers.
Score: 10

Graphics: The graphical content in this game is unbelievably attractive. The game’s engine looks absolutely stunning on all systems and catches the eye very nicely. Character detail was very well done and this game is practically comparable to real life! You really get that feeling that you’re in Iran fighting for America. Another great thing is how the multiplayer kept the graphical feeling of the single player. You still get that same feeling of real warfare that will keep you playing for hours on end. The graphics engine really worked itself and scored a 10 out of 10 for stunning capabilities.
Score: 10

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