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CyberLink Media Suite 9

Rating: 9.7

Genre: Video
Platforms: Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
Written by: Joe Urso


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Ever wanted a program that can do almost anything for you? A program that looks so good and combines many features in one? Well now there's one. It's called Media Suite. It's got everything your PC need from pictures to music to burning, and more! You're going to love the program I can almost grantee it! Read this review to find out some more info on a great program.

Now here's the fun part, the design. Media Suite's got a design like no other. I have never seen a program in my life as great looking as this one. It only opens up and relatively small box in the center of your PC desktop, where you can choose many applications within the program. This program's got everything a future program should; lighting up buttons, fading through pages, and an animated back round. Yes, you heard right. An animated back round. It's got these different colored star like glares in the back round of the program that move all over the place. I'm sure that you'll find the design as amazing as I find it! Therefore, Media Suite racks up 10 for design. Nothing better so far!
Score: 10

This is always a very important part of an application. The way it works and reacts on PC's. Well let me tell you it works fine with all from Windows XP to Windows 7. We've tested it out on XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. All our results came out successful and even surpassed out expectations on Windows XP! Though we only were able to test it out on 32-bit systems, We're sure it will run just as good if not better on a 64-bit. The program default runs in Windows XP (Service Pack 3), which is the default for most programs. Of course you can change compatibility, but I wouldn't recommend so as it runs fine in its default. Overall Media Suite not only looks and works amazing, but runs correctly and smoothly on all operating systems and should run fine if you have over 1 GB of RAM. Well all in all Media suite was able to rack up 9 points for this compatibility. The reason for deducting a point is it's such a graphical program it might not run as smoothly on those with older PC's. Great job Media Suite! So far so good!
Score: 9

Ahhh, the final category at last. The moment you readers have been waiting for, features. Well Media Suite has so many features it's insane! I'm just going to give you some info on the applications within the program, and I'll let you discover all the other many wonders yourself! So the program has many tabs at the bottom of the screen, and they read the following: Movie, Video, Photo, Music, Data & Backup, Device, and Utilities. Naturally each have their own many features. The movie tab allows you to Play a movie or get online movie information. Much like Windows Media Player or Media Center, Media Suite shares these features. In the video section you've got many things to choose from. you can play videos, organize them, edit them, enhance them, record a video, create a video disc, burn HDV/DV videos, and even upload them to YouTube and Facebook! These features are much help and there's still many more to go! In the pictures tab you can organize photos, play picture slideshows, create slideshows, burn your slideshows to a DVD, compose a photo gallery, fix/enhance photos, print photos, and upload them to Flicker or Facebook! In the music tab you can play music, compose an audio CD, compose an MP3 disc, or a WMA disc, and rip an audio CD or edit audio. Like I said earlier this program combines many features in one and they all are efficient and work well for you users. In the Data & Backup tab you can compose a data disc, duplicate data discs, duplicate a movie DVD, backup your PC and restore it! Though some of those programs in that tab are accessible on your Windows operating system, Media Suite can get it done faster and with more efficiency. For the Device tab you can transfer your media to many devices like phones, MP3/4 players, game consoles, and even more! For the last tab (Utilities), you can create a disc image, burn a disc image, extract from a disc image, erase a disc, print a disc label, burn a DVD folder, re-edit video discs, and get even more in advanced disc utilities! Overall this program and its features are overwhelming! The program will combine many programs out there to fit in one. Check it out at the CyberLink website, as Media Suite racked up a 10 on the point scale!
Score: 10

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