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Platforms: PC, Wii, and PSP
YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/TheCyberMods

Well the first time I got on a computer I was 9. Yes, the FIRST time, I played games most of the time mostly a game called Ijji GunZ The Duel. The first website I made was a project my friend and I thought up for making Random Videos the name was RVRandomVideos. The site is no longer there due to failure. The second through fifth websites were my own, for a friend, for my grandpa, then for school twice. Then the same friend that came up with the idea for RV decided to give it another shot, so we did, and we called it "Cybermods" This website was successful for a short period of time (2 Months) then took a horrible dive, the site is still up "cybermods.com" The latest project that is currently being worked on is a project with the same friend from RV and Cyber is helping develop a game for Android, iPhone, and the computer. This was a brief history of my PC Past here's a short life bio. Ok well, I was born on May 27 1995 making me 16, I grew up in a small town outside of Surprise (Arizona). Then had some family issues and my parents split up. I know live with my dad but visit my mom. Due to the fact that my dad is VERY harsh on grades I'm forced to maintain decent grades in order to get onto the computer. Now I'm not really a "Nerd", but I know allot of computer stuff. Just saying sometimes I tend to have a not so decent temper, the only time I get angry though is if someone is acting absolutely idiotic.

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