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Dawn of War 2

Rating: 8.2

Genre: RPG/Strategy/Action
Platforms: PC
Written by: Joe Urso


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For the Emperor! Experience the hard life of the Space Marine as you try to defend multiple planets from the Tyranid invasion with only a handful of Marines. The game WILL require a good gaming PC to play as the graphics are amazing! Unlike the first Dawn of War, you squads can only go a maximum of 4 members some only 3. The game is more based on fighting then building, so expect fast paced and quick action.

The Campaign will feature an RPG like system when you upgrade you commander (who you name) and sergeants for your squad like Tactical squad, Assault squad, Scout squads, and Devastator squads. You pick up armor, weapons, and relics while on the mission witch you equip onto your squads and your sergeants will level up which will allow more abilities. You are going to need to let your men go behind cover to survive, and each level ends with a powerful boss to fight! Frustration will happen as when you loose a mission you’ll have to start the WHOLE thing over again, but online will satisfy your frustration!

The online is very simple and easy. You select the type of match and it searches a game for you. The game is victory points so the one who runs out of points first looses. The disadvantage to the multiplayer is that when one person lags, it lags EVERYBODY in the match. But it will give the option to kick the player who is lagging. Your squads will level with progress and you can choose multiple choices for your Commander unit.

The Infamous Skirmish mode is also fun! The AI has been toned down a bit from the first Dawn of War, since on normal it could be to hard! Now the AI is still challenging but to work up a sweat you have to put the AI on hard. With the Skirmish you can choose the map, game type, resources, etc. and guess what….NOBODY LAGS!!!

So this game is great is you’re a fan of fast paced action, RPG, and RTS.

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