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Counter-Strike Condition Zero Retaliation Map
Description: This custom map for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero in which you get to join the side of the terrorists to fight against the counter-terrorist team. The map includes custom music, secrets, and easter eggs.
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Counter-Strike Source CS Militia Classic Map
Description: This is a scratch-built remake of the original CS v1.6 Militia with the visual style of the CS:S Militia.
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Crysis Photoreal II Map
Description: This map offers two assassination objectives, nice visuals, an optional high settings configuration zip, and more.
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Counter-Strike: Source DE Wanda Map
Description: This DE map, full of references to Shadow of the Colossus, is set in a European-style city. Because of the map's size, hosting servers with this map is not recommended.
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Red Alert 2 Map-pack 12
Description: The twelfth official map pack features two new maps: Loaded Barrel and Sea of Isolation.
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Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge Map Pack 5
Description: This file contains 13 maps total, 5 of which are brand new.
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Stronghold: Crusader Helms Deep Map
Description: This map is designed for six players--four attacking and two defending--and was inspired by Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
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