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What are your computer specs?
Our main computer has Windows 8 64bit, OCZ 128GB SSD, Western Digital 2TB HDD, EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked 2GB, 16GB of RAM, and a Intel Core i7 2700k 4.30GHz processor.
Our second computer has Windows 8 64bit, Western Digital 1TB HDD, EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked 2GB, 12GB of RAM, and a AMD Phenom II X6 3.20GHz processor.

Were can I find mods, demos, and maps?
At the download center section of our site.

Who writes the reviews?
Joe Urso, Zac Contafi, Hunter Malon, and Jiovanni Fusco.
We do take review submissions from users.

Who designs the website?
Jiovanni Fusco is the designer of legendaryreviews.com he is also a gamer he can be contacted at jio@legendaryreviews.com. Jiovanni has an amazing story on how he learned to design websites, it started when he was 12 years old since then he has became a professional at what he does and the most astonishing part is that he never went to any schools for training he taught himself at the age of 12.

What systems do you have?
Wii, DSi, DS, PS3, PS2, PSP, PS Vita, PC, and X-Box 360.

How can you contact us?
Our contact page

How about console games?
We currently do not make console videos. However we do review them and do plan on recording console games soon.

What kind of software do we use for our videos?
For recording pc games we use Fraps and to edit them we use Vegas Pro or CyberLink PowerDirector 11. To record the screen we use Camtasia Studio.

Have a question for us ask here:


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