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Medieval 2: Total War
Description: Have you ever dreamed of leading brave knights across Europe, Asia minor, and Africa? Then your reading the right review! Medieval 2: Total War, is completely PC only and will require some sort of a graphics card to play. The award winning Total war series has brought back another, yes their second medieval game. And this this time…the graphics are great!
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Dawn of War 2
Description: For the Emperor! Experience the hard life of the Space Marine as you try to defend multiple planets from the Tyranid invasion with only a handful of Marines. The game WILL require a good gaming PC to play as the graphics are amazing! Unlike the first Dawn of War, you squads can only go a maximum of 4 members some only 3. The game is more based on fighting then building, so expect fast paced and quick action.
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Total War: Shogun 2
Description: The days of the old Shogunate, are over! Now it’s time for you to take up arms in any 1 of 9 clans you choose to play as, and unite Japan under your banner! The Creative Assembly has released another series in the total war franchise, rewriting its roots and repeating the first Shogun: Total War. With faster paced action, better AI, and a more realistic feel, read this review to find out why you should get this game.
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Empire Total War
Description: Aye, Aye Captain! This is Empire: Total War! Take command of your empire through the 1700’s in a massive campaign! The timeline takes place from 1700-1800 with 2 turns a year.
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Rome: Total War
Description: This strategy award winning game has been #1 for many total war fans. Just like it’s predecessors like medieval: total war and Shogun: Total War, it takes place in a specific time period that is accurate to its time. I’m sure you can all guess it takes place in ancient Roman times.
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