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Genre: Action/Adventure
Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, and PC.
Release Date: September 17, 2013
Developer: Rockstar North
Reviewed by: Seby Gulino



Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto; the video game industry’s standard for sandbox games. After a long 5 years, I’m very happy to have my hands on the next installment in the series. Set in the city of Los Santos, and the beautiful Blaine County, the game takes us back to San Andreas to follow the adventures of 3 new protagonists; Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Story: The adventure begins as every Grand Theft Auto does; with a mandatory mission. You begin in a tutorial level, a flashback set 9 years prior to GTA V. After this tutorial mission is over, you being to play as Franklin; A small-time gangbanger and repo-man. Franklin’s missions slowly begin to involve Michael, and Michael’s missions slowly begin to involve Trevor, until the trio are working together to make a quick buck. The storyline is solid and interesting, remaining open world and free. Each character has his own stash of money, his own wardrobe, his own weapons, and his own cars. I find this feature a little annoying, because anything I buy for Franklin isn’t going to be there for Trevor or Michael, and same vice-versa. As you purchase upgrades for your characters, you pull off increasingly ridiculous jobs, from jewelry store heists to submarine robberies. Quickly; think of something that would be impossible to steal and would hold heavy consequences if you DID manage to steal it. Chances are, whatever you just thought of is stolen. So, in conclusion, without spoiling much, the story is as interesting as it is ridiculously fun.
Rating: 9

Character Development: Since there are 3 protagonists, the character development is a little bit harder to track; each character doesn’t get a lot of one-on-one time with the player. But development is clear. Michael truly wants to become a better person, and makes efforts to become that person. He tries to mend his broken family, and visits a therapist. This is a clear sign of development on Michael’s part. Trevor, well, is absolutely insane. Few people can match Trevor’s homicidal meth-fueled personality. Trevor talks about settling down a little bit, and is shown maturing, but not very significantly. The man’s LifeInvader relationship status is “Any hole is a goal” for Christ’s sake. Within minutes of being introduced to Trevor, he brutally murders someone. Trevor isn’t going to develop much, and this should not surprise you. Franklin grows up, after being taken under Michael’s wing, and Michael and Franklin play surrogate father and son, because they both lacked each figure in their lives. Overall, the characters don’t develop in very obvious ways, but they certainly do subtly.
Rating: 8

Gameplay: Gameplay! I’ve been waiting for this moment. The gameplay is amazing. I don’t have many other words for it. Rockstar re-vamped the driving, making the cars handle much better. Vehicles no longer slide all over the road, and it’s actually possible to steer while driving faster than 10 miles per hour. Gunplay has been changed, now you can carry as many weapons as you’d like, with shared ammo counts for each weapon kind (the carbine and assault rifle take from the same ammo pool, the micro-smg and assault smg take from a different, but shared, pool) and aiming has changed. Lock-ons are no longer default, making the game a little bit more challenging. Gun upgrades have been added, such as extended magazines, grips, and suppressors. I’m a big fan of the new activities, like tennis and golfing and all these other time-wasters. Who needs to go outside anymore? All of this will be expanded upon on October 1st, with the release of Grand Theft Auto Online. If you have GTA V on the PS3, I’ll see you online on the 1st!
Rating: 10

Overall Rating : 9.0/10



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