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Filename: uvp10.zip
Size: 890 MB
Release Date:
Credit: Taltigolt and InsaneMatt

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Grand Theft Auto 4 UVP


Description: The "Ultimate Vehicle Pack" was created with one simple vision, to add some realism to handling, sound effects and vehicle appearance. On top of this, the pack has morphed into a "easy to use" mod installer for all my (ZZCOOL) favorite mods, tweaks and trainers.
As of v7.5, the pack now supports Episodes From Liberty City.
Please note there is a problem with launching the game through the launch icon after cloning it, just start it through the exe from the root if you cloned the game.
Applying / installing pack
There are two ways to apply this pack.
Via Installer - Simply run the 'install.exe' file located in the files folder and follow the onscreen instructions.
This is the preferred method.
Please note the clone install feature requires about 15 gb of free space and will take several minutes to complete

Manually - Open the 'files' sub-folder and manually move the file(s) you wish to apply to their required locations.
NOTE: No support is given, nor is any more information on how to do this is provided.
Uninstalling / removing pack
Assuming you used the supplied installer to apply this pack, you can just as easily remove it. In most cases you wont even have to re-install the game due to setup making backups of modified files!
For GTA IV: Simply navigate to "Start - > All Programs -> GTA IV - Ultimate Vehicle Pack - > Uninstall"
For EFLC: Simply navigate to "Start - > All Programs -> EFLC - Ultimate Vehicle Pack - > Uninstall"
Alternatively, use the "Uninstall a program" option of your operating system's Control Panel.

If you manually applied the pack, you'll have to also manually remove it from your system.


This version is now outdated:
UVP Ver. 11


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