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Rating: 9.8

Genre: Action/Adventure/RPG
Platforms: PS3
Written by: Joe Urso




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Infamous is a great reason to switch from your beloved Xbox, to a PS3. The game starts you off as Cole, a delivery boy. You don’t realize it but the package your carrying is actually a bomb (or a ray sphere) that destroys thousands of people but gives you electric energy powers in the process. The game at this point allows you to destroy the remains of the city by turning evil witch makes your electric powers red, or play as the true Hero and keep your electricity blue. It’s your decision!

The game doesn’t deliver the greatest graphics that the PS3 can handle but we’ll except that due to the game being open worded witch means you can interact with anything in the city. Instead of doing the story missions all the way through you have the option to take on side missions which once completed will make a certain area in the city to be crime free. There are also side missions that you have to have either good and bad karma.

Your karma is affected by how you interact with the city and it’s people. If your go around shooting pedestrians and blowing up cars then your karma will get bad as well as doing bad things on story missions or doing the evil side missions. If you watch were you shoot out your powers, and do the good side quests along with doing good things in the story missions your karma will get good.

Like we said before, Infamous is the reason to switch! The game is great and if you beat the game as a villain, then playing it as a Hero is like a brand new game! The game is great and deserves your opinion.

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