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JVC HA-X570 Dj Headphones

Rating: 10

Genre: Sound/Audio
Technical Specs:
Gold plated plug and adapter provided
40mm neodymium driver units with bass ports
Single side monitoring, turn-able ear cup
Supports all iPod and MP3 Players
Written by: Joe Urso



Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

I’ve always wanted to be a DJ. I’ve used many, many headphones, and let me tell you, if you want some of the best quality sound ever, get these headphones. They’re the perfect, I repeat, perfect, headphones with life changing sound quality. Now, let us get down to the prices. A mere 10 bucks on Amazon. I would never have expected to pay that little for the greatest headphones I’ve ever used. Even if you’re not a DJ these headphones a perfect to brag off to your friends about. Trust me, I have, and they were jealous! I shall repeat, you want great quality headphones? Get these.

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