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nVidia GTX 560

Rating: 8.7

Genre: Gaming/Graphics
Technical Details:
GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked with 850 MHz core clock
PCI-Express 2.0
2048 MB 256-bit GDDR5 Memory
4104 MHz Memory Clock and 1700 MHz Shader Clock
131.3 GB/sec Memory Bandwidth
47.6 GT/s Texture Fill Rate
Microsoft DirectX 11 Support
NVIDIA 2-way SLI ready
336 Cuda Cores
Written by: Joe Urso



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NVIDIA GTX 560 Unboxing

The nVidia GTX 560 graphics card by EVGA, super clocked, and at 2 GB of RAM, is a beastly machine that will run any game you wish at maximum graphical capacity. It is one of the greatest graphics cards to date that doesn’t use much power, recommended for you gamers? Let’s find out!

Looks: Well to start off, the card is pretty large and will take up two slots in your case, so make sure it’s not a small, compact case. The card is relatively light for its looks, which will increase air flow through the card and allow for better cooling. The card’s cover fits over the entire card and is gray with a single yellow streak going across. Relatively bland design compared to other cards especially those of ATI, but the card itself will more than make up for bland design. The cards main board is black, which looks nice with the gray cover, and definitely makes a great souvenir for any gamer! Because of the bland, uncreative design, this nVidia card can only rack up 6 points for design; decent, but could have been better.
Score: 6

Features: This card will feature the newest DirectX, DirectX 11, which looks amazing in games and is in every new game hitting the market. The card will also feature 2 power connecters as it will require more energy to run this high end card but surprisingly not nearly as much as the famed 580, which is great! This card features liquid cooling in order for it to function the coolest it could possibly be, which will greatly improve your gaming capacity. The card supports up to 2-way SLI which is great for the high-end PC gamer! nVidia did a fantastic job with the features in the card and rack up 10 points for features!
Score: 10

Performance: Now we get the most important part of a graphics card, the performance it gives to the player. Fortunately for the buyer of this card, it pays off well! The card runs very fast, cool, and quiet. The fan on the card will turn up when intense gameplay is taking way, which is great for keeping your PC maintained. Every PC including the new Battlefield 3, can be played maxed out settings with widescreen resolutions with great frame rate, so long as you have the RAM and processor to support it. The card is much overpowered and will last you a few years of intense gaming at maxed settings. NVidia’s technology is astonishing and is yet increasing at a rapid rate, though AMD’s ATI cards are at a gradual catch up, so nVidia may have to watch themselves in the near future. Overall this card’s performance was top of the line for its price and therefore I must score this card a 10 for 10.
Score: 10


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