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NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Gaming Case

Rating: 10

Genre: Gaming
Technical Specs:
ATX Mid Tower
Material: Steel and Plastic
No power supply
USB 3.0
Dimensions: 24 x 11.8 x 23.5 inches ; 19.8 pounds
Written by: Jiovanni Fusco


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This case is as cool as it looks from its high quality components to its brilliant design. This case is probably the best bang for your buck at only 99 USD, for quality like this other brands will charge you hundreds of dollars. Another great part of this case is you have the option to order it in many colors such as White, Black, Red, Gunmetal, and a selection of contrasting duo color combinations.

Design: This case looks very modern and resembles the design of an Alienware gaming computer. This case features very clean cut lines and excellent styling. The side panel has a window so you can show off all your fancy gadgets to your friends. One of my favorite parts is that the case was that its designed to be extra wide, this will allow you to do two things, first you will be able to fit a 120mm or 140mm fan on the side with out it getting in the way of your graphics card and second allow excellent wire management on the other side panel which the case is already great at thanks to all the cutouts around the motherboard area. Overall this case is one of the best looking one's on the market and gets a perfect 10/10.
Rating: 10/10

Quality: When it comes to NZXT quality is not an issue. I have bought many NZXT products the quality is always great and this case is no exception. Unlike other cases at the 99 USD price mark this case is made with thick steel and high quality plastic that will not bend or break. A few things I noticed when replacing the stock fans were that not only were they some of the best fans I have ever seen but the top 140mm one has white LED's. The brightness of those LED's can be changed with the switch on the top of the case. Upon buying this case I stumbled upon a review that critiqued this case's paint, this worried me but I can confirm that its is waterproof and it is safe to use a cleaner such as Windex on it. I am going to give this case a 10/10 for quality.
Rating: 10/10

Features: In terms of features this case will allow you to utilize all the latest technology. The top of the case allows you to either put two 140mm fans or a Dual length 240mm radiator for water cooling solutions. There is an optional 120mm or 140mm fan mount for the side panel and in the front of the case you can fit 2 120mm fans. On top of the case there are four USB ports two of them are 2.0 and the other two are 3.0. There is also audio ports on top so you can easily plug in headphones or a headset. This is probably the most up to date 99 USD case out there and it scores another 10/10 for features.
Rating: 10/10

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