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PlayStation 3 vs. X-Box 360

Winner: Tie

PlayStation 3 vs. X-Box 360
Written by: Jiovanni Fusco


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Ever since the creation of the PlayStation 3 people have got into fights over which console is better well today is the day you learn the cold hard truth. It matters what you want to compare for example if you compare features the PlayStation 3 wins easily. But however if you compare power and graphics the X-Box 360 wins. It is a fact that the X-Box 360 has the most powerful processor out of all the consoles in the world. Also it has the best graphics out of all the consoles there is a slight difference between the PlayStation 3 graphics but by a little the X-Box 360 wins. The PlayStation 3 does have one really big advantage and that would be its Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray is significantly more superior to the X-Box 360's DVD+R player in many ways. The biggest advantage is the amount of memory it can sustain. Blu-Ray can hold 128 GB while the DVD+R holds 8.5 GB so the PlayStation 3 can handle larger games. The Blu-Ray and DVD+R both are in a 1080p format so you get the same quality but the Blu-Ray has more memory. A very common misconception is that the X-Box's High Definition does not look as good as the PlayStations and that's a lie they both have a 1080p resolution if you use an HDMI connection. It is a fact that the PlayStation 3 does have a few games that outperform any X-Box 360 game but that is only because the game developers at Sony put allot more work into the games than many X-Box 360 developers. However the online community on the X-Box 360 is better than the PlayStation 3's by far. Unlike the PlayStation 3 you have to pay for online and it’s for a good reason you get a better online community that works all the time unlike Sonys. The greatest thing about the X-Box 360's Live is it can be easily accessed by your Zune HD, Windows Phone, and even your PC or MAC. Now the controllers share many similarities but personally I like the X-Box 360 one better because it just fits better in my hands but opinions will vary by user. If you are a PC gamer you might find it interesting that Microsoft made the X-Box 360 controller compatible with your PC. It’s a hard choice I am a fan of the X-Box 360 but I can’t be biased the PlayStation 3 is just as good so I will finalize this comparison and make it a tie.

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