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Radious Unit Pack 1

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Description: This mod will give you 37 brand new units, which can be used in the Rise of The Samurai campaign or in custom battles with Rise of The Samurai clans. All new unit cards for vanilla Rise of The Samurai units and all custom units included!

Important info: This mod is made to be used with my other Rise of The Samurai mods, mainly with Rise of The Samurai Overhaul or separate mods like Stats mod, Rise of The Samurai Units Mod, Rise of The Samurai AI mod and Rise of The Samurai Upkeep mod - because of changed unit formations, numbers, stats etc which is very different from vanilla game.

Important info: All my mods created until today are fully compatible together and no matter which version from them you will use. You can use them separately, but for best gaming experience I recommend to use them all together. There may be some problems with other mods which modding same files. I hope you will enjoy them and they will bring you better times with S2TW.

This mod is fully compatible with latest Shogun 2 patch.

Filename: Radious Unit Pack 1.rar

Size: 20.21MB

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