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Rock Band 3

Rating: 8.3

Genre: Adventure/Music
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, DS, and Wii
Written by: Joe Urso


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Are you ready to rock out for the 3rd time? Well get ready, cause it’s going to get bigger and better in Rock Band 3! The game comes out for all platforms, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, and Wii; you’ll love it. If you’ve played the last two Rock Band games or any in between, you’ll definitely become even more attracted to this one. Let’s get moving on the single player. The single player is better than ever, allowing you to quick play songs just like before, but this time you can use your career character and not a pre-made. Another great feature is that in the middle of a song you can change the difficulty, and much more. You can also jam out on a new instrument some of you have been waiting on: the keyboard. There’s now a keyboard attachment and if you’re good enough, you can play on something called Pro Keys. Pro Keys is for people who want to learn the piano or actually play piano. When playing on Expert Pro Keys the notes coming down the fret line will be the REAL, yes, REAL, notes of the song. So you piano players can learn piano songs while jamming out on Rock Band. The character creation is a lot more sophisticated adding a lot more to the creation like more instruments, clothing, etc. The good news is, no more paying! You can now select any item you wish for your character without costing you a dime. Not too shabby eh? Also the song list in Rock Band 3 no longer has to be unlocked as Harmonix now allows you to play every song from the beginning, so have a friend over, and jam out. Overall the single player seems better than ever and pulls up with a 9.
Single Player Rating: 9

Multiplayer has always been a main priority for Harmonix, the servers have been great, and connection has always been key. I’ve always had a great time playing and finding players is easy as can be. Though one thing I did notice is that you can’t play with 5 instruments in a band, even though there are 5 in the game. This upsets me as it could bring on a brand new experience to Rock Band players. Though now while in song session, you can drop out of a song and you won’t fail this time. Meaning the song will continue, with one less player. Same goes for players timing out. This is a great achievement that abolishes much frustration in the multiplayer game play. Overall the multiplayer is definitely enhanced and is a much greater experience to the Rock Band player. Harmonix did great as always, and is able to rack up 9.5 points for the online.
Online Rating: 9.5

Of course we all know graphics don’t make a game, but they’re still a great feature. Rock Band 3 has definitely been enhanced, and you’ll recognize it immediately. The physics in the game are a lot better than Rock Band 2, and the lip to song syncing is better than ever. There’s not much to say about the graphics as it still sort of resembles Rock Band 2, but there are some big changes like notes and frets have definitely been enhanced to get that “Shine” feeling to them. Overall the graphics are good but could still use a lot of enhancement. Harmonix you should’ve worked harder as you only dug an 8 out of the dirt.
Graphics Rating: 8

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