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Sleeping Dogs

Rating: 8.5

Genre: Action
Platforms: X Box 360, PS3, and PC
Written by: Joe Urso


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Single player: Ever wanted to travel to Asia to be part of some good organized crime? Well now’s your chance! Sleeping dogs sets you off as Wei Chen, an undercover cop in the heat of Hong Kong. Immediately you’re thrown into the Sun on Yee, an organized crime group in Hong Kong, to do business and exploit the top names in crime. As Wei progresses, he finds himself locked into a loving relationship with the gangs, and has a tough time going between police action and crime. You’ll find the story is very deep and really interests you into what’s happening next. Don’t be fooled, the game’s story is not nearly as long and involved as say Grand Theft Auto 4, so don’t be expecting anything past around 15-20 hours. There are also loads of extra side missions which only add to the fun of Hong Kong streets. Wei can also date women in the game, but treat these dates as side missions as you never get into the story with them. Overall the story is rather interesting, but lacks the length that sandbox games usually have, as well as some plot holes in the beginning. Yes, I said the game was sandbox. In other terms, it’s open world. Feel free to explore the open city of Hong Kong and all of its greatness, even after you’ve beaten the story. The story has some sort of leveling system as well. There’s Face, Triad, and Police leveling systems. As you complete missions and side missions you earn points towards each leveling system. Police usually gifts you with gun and hijacking abilities, Triad usually gifts you with martial arts abilities, and Face usually gifts you with general bonuses like health, and the ability to wear higher class clothes. The leveling system is nice but I found it was rather imbalanced, as I was zooming ahead in Triad in comparison to other groups.
Rating: 9

Multiplayer: Unfortunately Sleeping Dogs is no GTA when it comes to multiplayer, simply because it doesn’t have any! The game was a huge disappointment with no multiplayer, as the relatively short story would leave me to believe that some form of multiplayer would come into play. The only resemblances of multiplayer we have to look at are leaderboards for different stunts, clubs, and other things we do in the game and try to compete with one another. Besides that, multiplayer is a no go.
Rating: 3

Gameplay: This game really felt great while playing it. The martial arts moves that Wei pulls off during hand to hand combat is smooth and makes you just want to learn some Kung Fu! Nothing says awesome like jump kicking some guy while dressed in a suit. Ah, the memories, I can almost shed a tear. There are multiple types of combos Wei can use during his attacks, you’ll learn these during the way and discover them as you mash different buttons during combat. You can also use your environment, such as knives, umbrellas, and even purses for hand weapons. You can also do ‘environment attacks,’ which allow you to use your environment to kill enemies, whether it’s throwing them into a dumpster, or shoving their face into a saw. Believe it or not, there are actually shoot outs as well. There are a small variety of guns at your disposal for use, but each is fun to use. There are assault rifles, handguns, and even grenade launchers! You can gain cover and vault over it while shooting to enter a slow motion movie like shoot out. The shoot outs feel nice as well when executing them, yet they feel a little too arcade for my taste. The car driving was a real hassle for someone who lives in America. In Hong Kong they drive on the other side of the road compared to America, so I kept turning into the wrong lane and hitting cars. Finally got used to it, but man what a hassle that was! Either way the driving was smooth but also arcade. You can ram into other cars, and enemy cars blow up easily while yours seems to have a higher life expectancy. Interesting. Did I also mention you can also jump onto other cars? Yeah that’s right, while chasing a car, you can lean out of the seat, jump onto the car in front of you, and hijack that car. Wei is a pretty cool guy. Overall the gameplay is really smooth, yet feels extremely Hollywood and arcade.
Rating: 8

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