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The Beatles: Rock Band

Rating: 8.5

Genre: Adventure/Music
Platforms: PlayStation 3, X Box 360, and Wii
Written by: Joe Urso



Rock Band 3 Review

The Beatles rock band introduces the legendary band of the Beatles and their concert years. It brings 45 Beatle tunes with more to come from DLC! As you play you watch Ringo, George, John, and Paul get up to fame! You play there songs from the very begging at the caravan to the rooftop in 69’. The game also features 2 guitars copied to look exactly like either Paul’s bass or George’s guitar! Those are currently running at $100 and are available in stores. The game features something new to the rock band genre. Three part harmonies. You can get 3 microphones and sing away with 3 people! That will definitely attract singers!

The multiplayer isn’t all what we wanted it to be. It was confusing at first and took a while to get the hang of. But when we did it was fun and the multiplayer worked smooth as a charm. Though we only recommend this game for die hard Beatles fans because 45 songs can get boring.


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