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Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

Winner: Windows 7

Written by: Jiovanni Fusco


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I know you are probably thinking why are we wasting our time on this because every one knows windows 7 is way better than windows vista. My point is I want to tell you all the improvements and mistakes that were made in windows 7. The biggest change in Microsoft's new OS is they re-did the task bar for the first time ever. It is incredibly easier to use than the old one. Now here is some bad news about windows 7 they did not include the windows movie maker and will no longer produce it any more. That really sucks for people that make YouTube videos but you can always switch to something like Windows Live Movie Maker which is free and does full HD. My favorite part about windows 7 is unlike vista it will never crash on you. The second biggest change is the performance it is a huge upgrade from vista. Unlike vista it does not take 2 GB of ram just to run the OS it will run smooth with 1GB. Which means the the speed of your computer will speed up significantly. The graphics are improved from vista allot which means if you have vista and upgrade to windows 7 your PC games will run smoother and look better. Another mistake Microsoft made was like vista windows 7 has a few compatibility issues with older programs but the compatibility has improved. Like I said earlier windows 7 is way better than windows vista with out a doubt and is the winner.

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